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Brent Council Budget Simulator

We have to make savings if we are to balance our budgets in the coming year/s. This simulator gives you the chance to see how you would balance the budget if you were in charge at Brent Council.

The simulator shows front line services where the council spends money. It gives you a chance to say if you would spend more or less on a service, and explains the impact of any budget changes made.  You can also increase or decrease the council tax level.  We want to get as many people as possible to try to balance the budget so that we can understand what matters and what services you value most.  You also have the opportunity to leave comments to explain your decisions.

If you were in charge at Brent Council and had to find savings to the tune of £40m over the next four years, how would you go about doing so?  To make the exercise simpler we have just focused on next year, so you need to show us how you would find savings of £10m to balance the budget.

  • Which services would you say were most important?
  • Which services would you stop providing?
  • Would you increase council tax to offset the cuts to budgets and if so by how much?



How does the simulator work?

When you click on the "Create Your Budget" button you will see a list of the five core services that the council provides.  Under each service there is a mix of cost savings and an explanation of the consequence of reducing the spend in that particular service.  Most of these consequences are theoretical but they help to explain the difficult choices that may have to be made to balance the budget.  There is also an option to increase the budget for each service up to a maximum of 10%, although this means that further savings will have to be found in other areas.

Using the slide bars you can reduce or increase each service budget with the challenge of delivering the required savings. When you have made the savings the box on the top left goes green and a tick is displayed.

Create your Budget